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8 Weeks to Wellness® is a Comprehensive Wellness Programme now available at 180 Wellness Centres in Cardiff and will optimize what you think about, how you eat and supplement, and how you exercise and care for your body through a specific, comprehensive 8-week program that focuses on health and not sickness.

Patient who undergo 8WW consistently see drastic reductions in weight, body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol and other blood lipids, as well as waist and hip measurements. And of course, the participants are thrilled with their results.

This program not only promises results, it delivers results!

We know this program would be fantastic for you, too!

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Please visit the official 8 Weeks to Wellness website or call us to see how this life changing programme can help you!

The average person on 8 Weeks to Wellness®:

(**based on 200 patients who have completed the programme**)

  • Lost 15 lbs in weight and went from 203 lbs to 188 lbs
  • Lost 4 inches off their waist and went from a 41 inch to 37 inch
  • Lost 2.5 inches off their hips and went from a 45 inch hips to 42.5 inch hips
  • Decreased blood pressure from 130/82 to 121/75
  • Increased LBM from 64% to 69.5% and gained 10 lbs of muscle
  • Decreased body fat from 36% to 30.5% and lost 6 lbs of fat
  • Decreased BMI from 33 to 30.
  • Decreased fasting insulin levels by 2.9 points from 9.3 to 6.4.
  • Decreased cholesterol 20 points from 202 to 182.
  • Decreased triglycerides 20 points from 117 to 97.
  • Decreased bad LDL cholesterol 15 points from 123 to 108.

2-3 Cleeve House, Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff, CF14 5GP

Opening Times

Monday 8.00am – 1.00pm 3pm – 7pm
Tuesday 8.00am – 1.00pm 3pm – 7pm
Wednesday 8.00am – 1.00pm 3pm – 7pm
Thursday 8.00am – 1.00pm 3pm – 7pm
Friday 8.00am – 1.00pm 3pm – 5.30pm
Saturday 8.00am – 10.00am Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Telephone : 02920 779972

Address : 2-3 Cleeve House, Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff, CF14 5GP

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