Dr Oliver John FDN-P

Doctor of Chiropractic

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Dr Oliver John (Doctor of Chiropractic) has been in practice in Cardiff since 2003 and since that time has become committed to teaching people realise that the body is designed to be healthy, that everyone deserves to be healthy and everyone can be healthy. Health comes from taking responsibility for the lifestyle choices we make everyday and that it is ourselves who are the ones who are in control of our greatest asset, our health.

The 180 Wellness Centre Story

We created 180 Wellness Centres because we want the best for our patients. Patients would always ask “Can I get a massage whilst I have chiropractic?”, “What are the best exercises I should do?”, “How do I stretch?”, “How do I lose weight?”, “What should I eat?”, “How do I relax and sleep better?”, “How can I improve my energy?“ and most importantly, patients will tell us they “don’t want to be taking medications for the rest of my life”. So we needed to step up to the challenge and create something new to meet the needs and challenges of our patients. We needed more and better tools to serve our patients in order for us to be able to help and take care of their health in a truly holistic and natural way.

So we have taken the step to put health and wellness all under one roof with onsite Chiropractic, Massage, Functional Fitness, Nutrition and Meditation Instruction with onsite classes and workshops teaching you how to Move 180°, Think 180° and Eat 180°. And we are proud to have become the home in Cardiff of the comprehensive wellness programme 8 Weeks to Wellness®, a programme that can transform your health and your life. Your Chiropractor, your Personal Trainer, your Massage Therapist and Functional Nutrition Consultant will all be there for you, working and communicating together to create a roadmap for your recovery, to overcome any obstacles and constantly assess and review with each other about you and your progress in reaching your health goals.

As we age we have to ask ourselves “Do I want to be a burden or a blessing?” If you’re currently struggling with chronic pain or illness, I want you to imagine what your health will look like in 6 months or a years time if you don’t act now to correct and turn your health around. What will your problem stop you from doing? What goals and achievements will be missed? What crucial and important things will you be struggling with in your life?

Now I want you to imagine your life in 6 months or a years time after you have completed a wellness programme, you’re feeling great with less pain and more energy. You’re finally beginning to get your life back with more time to enjoy the things that matter most to you. What are the goals and achievements you can reach for now?

There’s a lot of information in the media, TV, Radio, Internet, Social Media about how to get healthy, what to eat and how to exercise, but the advice can often be very conflicting. At 180 Wellness Centres we recognise that a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work for everyone, because not everyone is the same. Everyone is their own unique self, with different genes, living different lives and lifestyles, all managing different stress. This is why for all our patients we create personalised care plans unique to overcoming your specific health challenges and helping you achieve your health goals.

We will teach you how to live the Chiropractic Lifestyle, and create a life full of vitality, energy, and fun, for yourself and for your family and loved ones.

So if you’re struggling with any health challenge, or maybe you’re pretty healthy but have a health goal you’re ready to achieve that you need support with, then call us today to make your appointment for your initial consultation and find out how we can help you.

2-3 Cleeve House, Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff, CF14 5GP

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Telephone : 02920 779972

Address : 2-3 Cleeve House, Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff, CF14 5GP

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