Your First Visit

Congratulations on taking those first steps to turning your health around 180 degrees.
Step One
All new patients are requested to fill out the new patient application forms as completely as possible.
There are 3 forms to download and complete.
Download New Patient Forms
Step Two
Please read, review and sign all forms. We really take time to look at the answers to your questions as it helps them to understand your condition, and how to best serve your health goals.
Step Three
A one-on-one consultation will be carried out to discuss your health issues and goals and uncover the layers of past damage done to help determine what may be at the cause of your problem.
Step Four

We carry out a comprehensive wellness examination and evaluation, including digital postural pictures, a functional movement screen assessing your core strength and flexibility, palpation of the spine and vital health checks such as blood pressure etc. Your health is your greatest and most important asset so we don’t guess how healthy you are, we test measure and record how healthy you are. These specific tests allow us to detect
the precise cause of your problem and if we feel additional tests such as MRI or Laboratory tests are necessary we will advise you at this time.

Step Five
It takes time to review your case and put together your Wellness Score® and to be able to determine if we can help you and if we can accept you as a patient here at 180 Wellness Centres. So at this stage you will need to schedule your second appointment for your “Report of Findings”
Step Six

In this report of findings your doctor will be going over:

  1. What’s causing your problem
  2. How its affecting your health right now
  3. Your Wellness Score
  4. An explanation of the care recommendations and what is the appropriate course of action that needs to be taken to correct your problem
  5. What are the time and financial commitments that need to be made to resolve your health problem and achieve the health outcome and the results you desire.

For those reasons, we request your spouse or significant other attend your “Report of Findings” to be involved in the decisions that you will need to make.

Step Seven
If you accept your care plan and we accept your case then you will initiate care and start with your first treatment.
Step Eight

We require all new patients to schedule and attend a “Better Results Faster” workshop. At this workshop we discuss how to get the best results in the shortest period of time and what your responsibilities are at home and outside of 180 Wellness. We will teach you how to maintain the results and avoid common mistakes so you can correct your problem for good.

The “Better results Faster” workshop are held every TBC at TBC pm

Congratulations on taking those first steps to turning your health around 180 degrees.


Join Our Workshops

The “Better results Faster” workshop are held every TBC at TBC pm

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